Other Religious Items


A Kufi is a small, brimless, knit or crocheted skull cap traditionally worn by Muslims, African Christians, and African Jews. Many Muslims believe that Muhammad kept his head covered, thus to follow his example depicts a holy act signifying religious status.

Traditional Muslim skullcap

Traditional Muslim Kufi

Prayer Rugs
For centuries, many religions have used prayer rugs as part of daily worship practices.

As used by Muslims, prayer rugs are small pieces of fabric or carpeting placed between the ground and the worshiper. The rug has strong symbolic meaning and must be placed in a clean location during prayers, reflecting humility, a holy act, and respect to God.

Also in reverence to God, many who observe the Catholic faith kneel on small tufted cushions built into the pews.

Although Wiccan followers consider a circle to be their holy space, many contemporary worshipers place a prayer rug inside their designated circle.

Muslim Prayer Rug

Interfaith Prayer Rug

Muslim Prayer Rug

Interfaith prayer rug:
XN-005 28″ X 46″
Multi-colored with dominant colors of white and grey with limited minor color of black and gold-colored tassels.



Muslim Prayer Rug

Muslim prayer rug: 27″ X 47″
Multi-colored with dominant colors of white and grey with limited minor color of black

Prayer rugs have been approved by CDCR HQ.

Prayer Cards

Assorted Prayer Cards – Many choices in English and Spanish.

High-quality glossy finish, soft edges, vibrant colors. Pocket size (2.5″x3″) and full size (3″x5″) available. Click here to see available options or view the order form.

MUST check with chaplain to confirm quantity allowed.


A skullcap worn by Jewish men during prayer services.


Religious Jewelry

Pentagram – 20 inch chain

In the shape of a five pointed star, the Pentagram is used today as a symbol of faith for many Wiccans.

Lady of Guadalupe– 20 inch chain

The Lady of Guadalupe, the Catholic title of the blessed Virgin Mary, holds a special place in the religious life of Mexico. The image is enshrined within Mexico City’s Minor Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe, the most visited Catholic pilgrimage site in the world.


The Rosary, Catholic Cross, and Crucifix have been blessed Christian religious symbols for thousands of years.

Protestant Cross/Beads – 100% stainless steel 24 inch chain

The protestant cross, or Christian cross is the main religious symbol of Christianity. The figure of Christ usually does not appear on this cross.

Star and Crescent Necklace – 100% stainless steel 24 inch chain

The Star and crescent is an ancient Ottoman state symbol adopted by followers of the Nation of Islam.

Star of David Necklace – 100% stainless steel 24 inch chain

The Star or Shield of David is a universally recognized sign of Judaism and Jewish identity.

  Thor Hammer – 20 inch chain

The hammer of the thunder god Thor in Norse mythology is used both as a devastating weapon and as a divine instrument to provide blessings.

Altar Cloths – Made of organic cotton. Measures 20×20 inches square.

Available altar cloth options are the Cross and the Pentagram, as shown here.