Tallit Prayer Shawl with Gray Stripes


100% Cotton Prayer Shawl (Tallit)

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Handmade in Israel from 100% Cotton

Specially designed to prevent slipping off the shoulders during prayer

Kosher LeMehadrin

Machine-washable & easy to iron (delicate cycle) – does not require professional dry-cleaning!

Size: 27.5″ x 51″

One of the defining features of Jewish prayer is wrapping oneself in a prayer shawl (known as a tallit in Hebrew) in order to fulfill the commandment to attach tzitzit to our garments and connect to the divine presence. So why not do it in unparalleled style with this flawless tallit from Israel!? Delicately handmade from 100% cotton, this elegant prayer shawl is decorated with a range of gorgeous gray stripes. The blessing that is recited before putting on the tallit is displayed along the atarah (“neckband”) along with a decorative pattern invoking the majesty of Hashem. The special texture of this cotton tallit is both light and soft, and is uniquely designed to prevent it from slipping from your shoulders during prayer. Made to the highest standards and using only quality material, this prayer shawl will conserve its clean white color for much longer than tallitot made of wool or synthetic materials. Photos do not represent actual size. Colors may vary slightly.

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